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Teachers opting not to grade students, citing lack of data

Given the ubiquitousness of remote learning, many teachers are opting not to evaluate their students using grades for the first four months of the school year, choosing instead to give a descriptive assessment of their progress. 

The reason cited is the lack of necessary data that would allow them to draw the necessary conclusions.

As of today, students will start with online classes. Schools are given instructions.

At the same time, younger elementary school students, from the first to the fourth grade, continue to attend classes at school.
By the decision of the Government of Serbia, on the recommendation of the Crisis Staff, distance learning for older elementary and high school students will be applied until the beginning of the winter break on December 21.

Degrees for votes

A student was admitted to a Greek university on Tuesday even though the grades he scored in entrance exam grades would in no way merit the seat. This is not something to be ignored.

University entrance exam results show drop in grades

A student looks at a list of university entrance examination results outside his school in Athens on Wednesday. Results pointed to an overall drop in performance, which critics attributed to the previous government's policies. In 132 of 459 university faculties, at least one of the new entrants failed to achieve what would normally be a pass grade.

MES: Bulgarian Students Are Increasingly Acquainted with Internet Security and Virus Protection

Students in the country are increasingly aware of the Internet security and virus protection. This shows the analysis of the results of this year's National External Assessment in Information Technology after tenth grade.

It was held in 928 schools in the country and was attended by nearly 45,000 tenth graders, the education ministry said.