Man charged after resisting police inspection

The trial of a man on Monday who had scuffled with police after his vehicle was stopped for an inspection over the weekend has been postponed due to health reasons, his lawyer said.
The defendant, 23, was charged with resistance and disobedience after he was pulled over on Saturday by police who were conducting inspections for possible violations of lockdown regulations.

Stricter rules for demos and rallies in cities

Seeking to put an end to mass disruptions in the Greek capital and other large cities whenever a march or demonstration is held with a small number of participants, the government has drafted legislation that will be tabled to Parliament imminently. The draft bill also aims to protect cities from violence caused by groups gatecrashing otherwise peaceful rallies.

Today Is the International Tolerance Day

On this day, November 16, we celebrate the International Tolerance Day.

In 1996, the UN General Assembly called on Member States to honour the date of the Day of Tolerance by spreading the idea of ​​understanding among peoples through activities. 
On this date in 1995, the UNESCO Member States adopted the Declaration of Principles of Tolerance.

Protesters Dyed the Iconic Wall Street Charging Bull in New York

Protesting eco-activists poured the iconic Wall Street charging bull in New York with fake blood. The protest was initiated by the "Extinction Rebellion" movement.

On Monday, there were protests in many cities around the world. Activists want to put pressure on governments to take more serious action against climate change.