Administrative regions of Greece

Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Dynamic increase of new business registrations in the big port

The positive sign of companies-members of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry increased dynamically, during the eight months of 2021, with more registrations and fewer deletions of companies.

Conflagration – The “domino” that burned 130,000 hectares of forest

The fire in Varybobi caused a catastrophe in Northern Evia. The salvation of Ancient Olympia led to the uncontrolled resurgence in Varybobi, the difficult containment of which increased the destruction in the Municipalities of Mantoudi and Istiaia. And the effort to reduce the burning areas in Limni, Kapandriti, and Gortynia increased the line of fire in Gythio and Melpeia, in Messinia.

Wildfires rampage in Greek forests, cut large island in half

Three large wildfires churned across Greece on Aug. 7, with one threatening whole towns and cutting a line across Evia, the country's second-largest island, isolating its northern part. Others engulfed forested mountainsides and skirted ancient sites, leaving behind a trail of destruction that one official described as "a biblical catastrophe."


Greece fights fires during 'worst heatwave since 1987'

Firefighters were battling two large wildfires in Greece on Aug. 2, as the prime minister said the country was suffering its worst heatwave in more than three decades.


Fires have also raged across Turkey, Spain and Italy over the weekend with experts warning climate change was increasing both the frequency and intensity of such blazes.