Adonis Georgiadis

Government reverses decision to open stores as infections spike in Attica

A sudden rise in coronavirus infections in Attica this past week prompted the government to impose stricter measures across the board in the largest region of the country as of Saturday, focused mainly on the market and on delaying the return of grades 10-12 to classrooms.

Retail may start reopening

Government officials agree that any discussions with the advisory committee of health experts on the further reopening of retail commerce cannot take place before early January, indicating a resumption of trade after the expiry of the latest lockdown on January 7.

Decisions on reopening of retail expected in January

The government will decide in January whether to partially reopen the retail sector following consultations with the expert committee advising on the coronavirus, according to ministers on Tuesday.

Speaking to Skai radio station, government spokesman Stelios Petsas said the talks with the experts will be held "next week."

Bookshops, salons open as other stores start curtsied pickups

A bookstore prepares for Monday's opening with a limit of four customers per 100 square meters. Hair salons also open Monday. Visits to both can be done only by appointment. Also Monday, retail stores will inaugurate the click-and-collect system, which allows customers to physically pick up items they have bought online or by phone.

Restrictions on retail sector to be announced Friday

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas and Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis will announce the restrictions on the retail sector that will apply during the holiday season on Friday at 11 a.m.

Reports said that the reopening will be "reasonable and conservative," as per the recommendations of the committee of health experts advising the government on Covid-19.

Hair salons set to open Saturday or Sunday, says business body

Hair salons will likely open on Saturday or Sunday, the Athens Chamber of Commerce announced on Thursday, citing a telephone conversation between the head of the body, Yiannis Hatzitheodosiou and Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis.

The Chamber said these businesses will open first as it is believed that it is easier to enforce the health protocols.