Adriatic Sea

Balkan Tourism Sector Braces for Summer Season Write-Off

Dragan Ivancevic's Hotel Adria in the Montenegrin coastal town of Budva stands empty, its doors shut by a government-imposed lockdown to fight the spread of COVID-19.

For years, the money spent by tourists flocking to Montenegro's Adriatic coastline has been a mainstay of the former Yugoslav republic's economy, accounting for 21 per cent of national output last year.

Giovanni Vale: Venice’s Legacy Still Shapes the Balkans

It features some 40 towns and cities in seven countries - Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Cyprus - all of which were once part-ruled by the Venetian Republic.

Vale says that although the Venetian state hasn't existed since 1797, it has left behind it a powerful heritage in terms of culture, architecture, gastronomy and language, which he seeks to explore.

A list of the most powerful states in the world: Serbia overtook Croatia and Slovenia

The list was made based on the influence of states, as well as their political, economic and military power. The list of the 80 most powerful countries in the world is based on the responses of 21.000 people and was made by the media company US News and World Report.
Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia are also on the list of 80 most powerful countries, reports.

Connecting the borders on foot

Let's start at the Slovene - Croatian border in Sečovlje. Running along the old path of the Porečanka, originally Parenzo hence the italian name Parenzana, rail station, a defunct narrow gauge railway that operated between 1902 and 1935, between Trieste and Poreč, bringing economic progress to towns along its route.

Energean gets extra year to explore Montenegro's offshore oil and gas blocks

Montenegro, which is hoping to find oil and gas reserves off its coast, said on Friday it has extended Energean Oil & Gas's licence by a year to explore two blocks as the Greek company required more time.

Montenegro awarded Energean a 30-year oil and gas exploration licence in 2017 for the blocks covering a combined 338 square kilometers in the Adriatic Sea's shallow waters.

TAP pipeline completed; trial op starts soon

The Greek section of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) transporting natural gas from Azerbaijan to Greece, Albania, Italy and points beyond in western Europe is ready and will begin trial operations in early December.

During this so-called commissioning phase, small volumes of natural gas will go through the pipeline to ensure commercial use is safe.