Let’s work together

Irregular migration is a problem that is affecting Greece, but it is not a Greek problem. Its management depends first and foremost on the European Union's ability to find a modus vivendi with Turkey.

141 migrants arrive in Lesvos on Monday

A total of 141 migrants landed on the shores of Lesvos between midnight and noon on Monday, according to data provided by the Northern Aegean police directorate cited by state-run news agency ANA-MPA.
Police said between Friday and Sunday, only 131 people landed on Lesvos, due to the strong winds blowing in the Aegean.
There were no arrivals on the other islands of the region.

Turkey’s state policy

A total of 18 mock dogfights were recorded between Greek and Turkish fighter jets in just a single day on August 27. This is a very high number, even by the standards of Aegean airspace, where borders can't be signposted (a reality that we need to acknowledge if we wish to deal with it).

Albania rescues 36 Afghans from ship, trying to cross into Greece

Albania's Defense Ministry says its ship in the Aegean Sea has rescued 36 Afghans trying to cross into Greece.
Defense Minister Olta Xhacka tweeted Wednesday that 19 Afghan children, eight women and nine men were rescued by the ship Oriku in cooperation with Frontex, the European Union's border control force. She says they have been handed over to local authorities.