Aegean dispute

Turkey-EU ties little better than past year: Rapporteur

2020 was the worst year in ties between Turkey and Europe but now they are slightly better, a rapporteur of the European Parliament has said, citing the resumption of dialogue between Turkey and Greece as a positive move.

Nacho Sanchez Amor, European Parliament's rapporteur on Turkey, met with Turkish journalists on Oct. 9 during a visit to Istanbul.

Turkey escalates EastMed tensions, sending three warships into Cyprus’ EEZ

Ankara is flexing its military muscle in Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in an apparent effort to torpedo efforts to proceed with the construction of the EastMed pipeline by imposing its own maps and pushing its expansionist theory of the "Blue Motherland" at sea.

New illegal Turkish NAVTEX in the Nautical Geo research area

Turkey, in order to prevent the navigation and the soundings being conducted by the NAUTICAL GEO research vessel, is proceeding with the commitment of the region and naval exercises. The freezing of an area with illegal NAVTEX is from today until October 5.

Ankara blames Greece and Cyprus in advance

Creator of Turkey’s ‘Blue Motherland’ theory slams Greece-France defence agreement

By George Gilson

The originator of the "Blue Motherland" theory, which claims for Turkey huge swathes of Greek maritime zones in the Aegean and the Mediterranean and their hydrocarbons deposits, has lambasted the recent Greece-France mutual defence pact.

Turkey vows to 'resolutely' protect its own, Turkish Cyprus' rights in E Med

Turkey will resolutely continue to protect its own and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' (TRNC) rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Oct. 2. 

Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration are engaged in "unilateral and provocative activities" that threaten regional peace and stability, the ministry said in a statement.

Turkey condemns Greece's maritime jurisdiction say on defense deal with France

The 63rd round of the consultative talks between Turkey and Greece will take place in Ankara on Oct. 6, Foreign Ministry said in a written statement on Oct. 1.

The statement came on the same day when Turkey condemned a statement by Greece about the maritime jurisdiction regarding the Greek-French defense deal.