Aegean Sea

'At least hypocritical' for Turkey to invoke international law, says foreign ministry

Greece's Foreign Ministry on Thursday rejected arguments by Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar that Athens is allegedly violating international law by not demilitarizing 16 of its islands, saying Ankara's concern on legality is "hypocritical."

Akar said Greece's arming 16 out of 23 islands with "non-military status" is in violation of agreements in the Aegean sea.

Ferry firms arguing over popular routes

While residents of Samothraki and Kythira as well as several other islands in the Aegean Sea fear another problem may deprive them of maritime transportation this year - following similar experiences in recent years - coastal shipping companies are striving to offer more vessels on the popular routes to the Cyclades and Crete.

African weather front to bring dust over Aegean Sea this week

High concentrations of dust are expected over the central and southern Aegean in the coming days, as a low pressure front from North Africa heads toward southern Crete, the Athens National Observatory's Meteo weather service said Tuesday.

In the next hours, rainfall is expected mainly in Crete, becoming more intense and spreading to the southern and central Aegean during the night.

New facilities on mainland to host 15,000 migrants

The government's plan to ease pressure on Aegean islands amid the continuing arrival of irregular migrants from neighboring Turkey foresees 10 new centers on the mainland that will be able to host up to 15,000 asylum seekers, with the first 10,000 to be transferred from the islands to the new facilities by the end of February, Kathimerini understands.

Storms cause damage,halt ferries services

Tempestuous weather wreaked problems in various parts of the country on Tuesday.
Andros and Tinos were left without electricity after the two power lines supplying the Aegean islands were damaged in gale-force winds.
Electricity grid operator DEDDIE said that technical crews were working to restore power to the two islands of nearly 18,000 inhabitants.

Samos to protest slow pace of vulnerable migrant, refugee transfers

The municipal authority of Eastern Samos, home to the island's capital, has called on residents to gather at the main port on Tuesday afternoon to protest the slow pace of transfers of vulnerable migrants and refugees from the eastern Aegean island to more suitable facilities on the mainland.