Aegean Sea

Stormy cold front to slide through Greece on weekend

Temperatures will plummet from Saturday along the northern and mountainous regions of the country, the National Meteorological Service (EMY) has said.

The weekend cold front will be accompanied by stormy northerly gales in the Aegean, reaching force eight or nine, with significant rainfall expected along coastal areas.

As development alters Greek islands’ nature and culture, locals push back

ATHENS - With a deluge of foreign visitors fueling seemingly nonstop development on once pristine Greek islands, local residents and officials are beginning to fight back, moving to curb a wave of construction that has started to cause water shortages and is altering the islands' unique cultural identity.

Lesvos fast becoming a mecca for birdwatchers

With more than 9,000 birdwatchers having already booked visits to Lesvos in April and May, the Aegean island is rapidly evolving into a popular destination for fans of the activity from all over the world.

What still seems to be missing from the island in order to create a coherent "green" profile is organized support from the local tourist market and society.

Raimondo Dato (Remo) | Athens | January 9-27

The Argo Gallery ( presents Raimondo Dato's ninth solo show, featuring paintings inspired by nature and Aegean landscapes. Egyptian-born Dato explores multiplicity through simplicity, revealing diverse thematic sections in his paintings. Mykonos, Delos and the Cyclades inspire the artist with their warm sunlight and Aegean sea notes.

Warmest December in 15 years in half the country

Last December was unusually warm in Greece, while in almost half of the country it was the hottest in 15 years. This was the case in Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace, Crete and the Aegean islands, while overall, at the national level, the heat was at "extremely high levels" compared with the 2010-2019 average, reported.

Rain, storms forecast

There will be rain and storms mostly in the eastern parts of Greece on Friday, according to the latest forecast from the Athens National Observatory's 

Rain is expected in Thrace, Central and Eastern Macedonia, eastern Thessaly, Central Greece and the Peloponnese, the Aegean and Crete.