Aegean Sea

Wildfire briefly halts marine traffic on Çanakkale strait

Türkiye on Tuesday briefly suspended shipping traffic along the Dardanelle Strait because of a windswept forest fire near the tourist town of Çanakkale.

The emergency response service said it had evacuated seven villages and was preparing to help people leave three more on Türkiye's northwestern coast.

Negotiation and toxicity

The public debate in Greece on whether solutions can and should be found for the country's disputes with Turkey tends to be extremely shallow and toxic.

There can be no real discussion with people who insist that no moves should be made or talks take place, who accuse and sometimes even insult those who disagree with them.

Authorities rescue nearly 60 migrants on small boats in Aegean Sea

Greek authorities on Saturday rescued nearly 60 migrants in inflatable dinghies trying to cross from Turkey to the nearby eastern Aegean Sea islands in two separate incidents, the coast guard said.

In recent weeks Greece has seen a rise in such arrivals, mostly in small unseaworthy boats provided by smugglers.

Marinakis: Gov’t firm in upholding law amid ‘beach-towel revolt’ protests on Aegean islands

Prompted by protests on popular Aegean Sea resort islands, dubbed the "beach-towel revolt," the Greek government said it remains firm in upholding the law and refrains from making concessions. Government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis emphasized this stance on Skai TV's morning bulletin on Thursday.

Portion of touristic island to be sold by tender

A portion of Bozcaada, one of the country's most significant natural beauties and tourist destinations, is being put up for sale due to disagreements over family inheritance.

A court in the northwestern province of Çanakkale announced on July 7 that 33 immovable properties on a total area of 1 million square meters in Bozcaada will be sold by tender.

Why going to the International Court is Greece’s best option

Constantinos Filis, the Director of the Institute of Global Affairs and an associate professor of international relations at the American College of Greece, joins Thanos Davelis to discuss his latest piece in Kathimerini in which he makes the case that going to the International Court at the Hague is Greece's best option in order to resolve the key disputes with Turkey in the Aegean.