Aegean Sea

After Mykonos

When the authorities are willing, the laws are enforced. This was clearly seen in the case of the popular holiday island of Mykonos. 

The state has the necessary tools and power to fight against lawlessness. What was missing? Obviously the political will to do so, at all levels, and government officials who are not tempted by easy money and are not afraid.

Hotelier arrested on Mykonos for illegal construction

Police on Mykonos have arrested a 71-year-old businessman for carrying out illegal construction on a hotel he owns near Loulos Beach, on the popular holiday island's southeastern coast.

Officers also arrested four foreign nationals and a Greek man who appear to have been employed by the 71-year-old to actually carry out the work, for which the proper license had not been granted.

Legacy of the Cretan Renaissance

The Technical University of Crete's School of Architecture has drafted a proposal for the redevelopment of the Holy Trinity (Agia Triada) Tzagaroli Monastery, one of the most splendid monastic complexes of the Cretan Renaissance which stretches back to the 17th century. The proposal also envisages its conversion into a Patriarchal Research Foundation.

Holy Fire to arrive on Saturday from Jerusalem

The Holy Fire, flown to Greece each year from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, is set to arrive on a special Aegean Airlines flight on Saturday evening, in time for Easter midnight mass.

Accompanying the Holy Fire on the Aegean aircraft will be a small diplomatic mission and the plane is expected to land at Athens international airport at approximately 6 p.m.