Religious Music | Patmos | August 29 - September 3

Directed by conductor Alkis Baltas, the annual Festival of Religious Music of Patmos is taking place from August 20 to September 3 this year, at the eastern Aegean island's Cave of the Apocalypse, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The roster starts with the Saint Sion Choir from the island of Lesvos in Greek music written in praise of the Virgin Mary.

Samos town ranked 3rd in ‘Best European Destinations’ (photos)

Europe has many undiscovered gems for travelers. One of these was ‘unearthed’ by ‘Best European Destinations’ and it was found on the island of Samos. It is a small town called Kokkari and the site ranked it 3rd in its list revealing the long history of Samos, including the birthplace of the father of mathematics Pythagoras, astronomer Aristarchus and philosopher Epicurus.