Aftermath of World War II

Turkey wants voice of Non-Aligned Movement to become stronger: FM

Turkey supports the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and wants to see its voice become stronger, the country's foreign minister said on Oct. 11. 

At a summit marking NAM's 60th anniversary in Serbia's capital Belgrade, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu hailed the movement as the "voice of a just and inclusive world."

Twenty-Eight Tonnes of Nazi Gold Traced down in Poland

 Twenty-eight tonnes of Nazi gold worth more than £1billion may have been traced to the grounds of a palace in Poland after the location was mentioned in an SS diary.

The stash of gold bars, jewellery and coins is believed to be sitting 200ft down at the bottom of a destroyed well shaft in the grounds of the Hochberg Palace, near the city of Wroclaw.

Thirty Years: The Changing State of Freedom in Central Europe

This is the latest in a series of articles on the legacy of the fall of the Iron Curtain 30 years ago. See more.

In a period of just six months, protest-driven popular movements swept away communist regimes in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania — all of which had consistently been rated "Not Free" by Freedom House.

Military parade for National Day to be held the Arch of Triumph

Approximately 3,500 troops and specialists from the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Interior and the Romanian Intelligence Service are going to participate on December 1, alongside troops from several allied or partner countries, in the military parade organized in celebration of Romania's National Day, at the Triumph Arch Square, the Ministry of National Defence (MApN) announced