Agia Paraskevi

Bear spotted roaming near Thessaloniki

Local residents at a district east of Thessaloniki were warned about a rogue bear that was spotted roaming the region on Wednesday.

According to the Pilea-Chortiatis municipality's announcement, eye-witnesses saw the animal right below the radar on the path to Kissos, in the Makedonomachon area, near the park of Agia Paraskevi.

Smart Attica Digital Innovation Hub opens at Demokritos research center

The Smart Attica European Digital Innovation Hub (Smart Attica EDIH) began operation in Greece recently to support small and medium-sized enterprises and public sector agencies in their digital transformation, the Development & Investments Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Anarchist group targets Agia Paraskevi city hall over police intervention

Members of self-styled anarchist group Rouvikonas on Thursday afternoon targeted the building housing the municipal authorities of Agia Paraskevi, northern Athens, to protest the police intervention in the town square on May 6 to disperse a crowd flouting a ban on gatherings.

Covid concern after police break up outdoor gatherings

Αuthorities are concerned about a trend involving large groups of young people gathering in squares with alcohol from bars and cafes offering takeaway services, with a square in Agia Paraskevi, north of Athens, being closed indefinitely after two nights of parties that culminated in clashes with police.