Woman on trial for inflicting bodily harm on babies

The trial of the 55-year-old woman accused of inflicting bodily harm to babies and resisting arrest will take place this coming Wednesday, an Athens court ruled on Friday.

The woman had been arrested for allegedly scratching babies with her nails or a sharp object on a number of occasions at a mall in Aghios Dimitrios, southern Athens.

Turkish jets violate airspace after PM's sortie

Three Turkish military aircraft - two armed fighter jets and a CN-235 - violated Greek air space in the northeastern, central and southeastern Aegean on two occasions on Thursday.

The transgressions came just a few hours after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras flew in a Greek F-16 fighter jet following a visit to the 110th combat wing of the Hellenic Air Force in Larissa, central Greece.

Yakamoz | Athens | May 29

The Yakamoz trio perform a tribute to the rhythms of Asia Minor and the eastern Aegean with songs in Greek and Turkish. Sounds familiar to both Greeks and Turks of the region, torn by war and division nearly 100 years ago, are married again in this bilingual celebration of shared musical heritage.