Amanos Mountains to open to ecotourism

Following Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu's statements on Amanos Mountains in Türkiye's south that it has been cleared of terrorists, the region is expected to be opened to ecotourism, according to the Regional Directorate of Forestry.

The Amanos Mountains, in which the security forces have actively struggled against the PKK since 1992, has been completely cleared of the terrorism.

New Zealand proposes taxing cow burps, angering farmers

New Zealand's government yesterday proposed taxing the greenhouse gasses that farm animals make from burping and peeing as part of a plan to tackle climate change.

The government said the farm levy would be a world first, and that farmers should be able to recoup the cost by charging more for climate-friendly products.

150,000 Bangladeshi tea workers strike against dollar-a-day wages

Nearly 150,000 workers at more than 200 Bangladeshi tea plantations went on strike Saturday to demand a 150 percent rise to their dollar-a-day wages, which researchers say are among the lowest in the world.    

Most tea workers in the overwhelmingly Muslim country are low-caste Hindus, the descendants of labourers brought to the plantations by colonial-era British planters.