The Ban on the Import of some Ukrainian Goods into Bulgaria Comes into Force Today

The ban on the import into Bulgaria of certain goods from Ukraine comes into force. The introduced restrictions affect the import of wheat, honey, dairy and meat products, alcohol and several other basic food products. The goal is to support Bulgarian farmers.

Nearly 642,000 Tons of Ukrainian Grain were Imported from Ukraine to Bulgaria

Nearly 642 thousand tons of Ukrainian grain have been imported from Ukraine to Bulgaria since the beginning of the Black Sea grain initiative from the end of July last year to the end of March this year. This is indicated by the data of the "Customs" Agency, provided to the National Radio under the Law on Access to Public Information.

Five EU countries including Bulgaria call on the EC to review the Imports from Ukraine

The heads of state and government of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia sent a letter to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in which they call for a review of measures to counteract the negative effects of increased imports of agricultural products from Ukraine in these countries, reported the press office of the Bulgarian president.

Due to Imports from Ukraine: 50% of Bulgarian Honey remains Unrealized

30% of beekeepers in Bulgaria are at a crossroads whether to stop working. The industry is collapsing, citing the unrealized output from last year as the main reason. Bulgarian producers have not been able to sell 50% of the produced honey, due to competing imports from Ukraine. Because of this, Bulgarian beekeepers have lost important markets abroad.