Bananas to fish scales: Fashion’s hunt for eco-materials

Sneakers made from banana or pineapple leaves, dresses from nettles or fish scales, the search for sustainable materials has taken the fashion industry to some wild places.

Experts warn these new textiles are not a quick fix for fashion's enormous problems with over-consumption and waste, but may be a necessary step in developing cleaner technologies.

Startups bringing Pakistan’s farming into digital age

Agriculture entrepreneurs are bringing the digital age to Pakistan's farmers, helping them plan crops better and distribute their produce when the time is right.

Until recently, "the most modern machine we had was the tractor," Aamer Hayat Bhandara, a farmer and local councillor behind one such project told AFP in "Chak 26," a village in the agricultural heartland of Punjab province.

Subsidies for farmers and agricultural holdings – The provisions of the amendment

The criteria and the procedure followed for the subsidization of farmers and agricultural holdings that have suffered extensive damage from natural disasters, are determined by the amendment of the Ministry of Finance, submitted to the draft law of the Ministry of Justice entitled "Reforms in the legislative framework of the National School of Judicial Officers

Food security at risk as drought frequency surges, says association head

Rising global temperatures and the expected increase in the frequency of droughts from every 10 years to every five years pose a grave threat to food security in the world, the head of the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Eurasia warned on Nov. 12.