Transfer to Fortenova close as loan deal signed to restructure Mercator’s debt

Zagreb – The Croatian group Fortenova and Slovenian retailer Mercator have signed a contract under which the latter will get a EUR 385 million loan to restructure its debt to creditor banks, in a move that further enables the transfer of the Slovenian retailer from the bankrupt former owner Agrokor to Fortenova.

Mercator expected to become part of Fortenova by month’s end

Belgrade – Serbia’s competition protection authority has cleared the transfer of Slovenian retailer Mercator to Croatian group Fortenova, thus clearing yet another hurdle for the step that follows the bankruptcy of Fortenova’s predecessor Agrokor. Fortenova expects the transfer to be completed at the end of the month.

Belgrade markets start working

Markets will be open from 7 am to 3 pm, every day except on curfew days.
As for closed-end markets, such as Palilulska and Old Mercator, they will start operating on Monday, April 27th.
Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said yesterday that markets could only operate under certain conditions.

TIMELINE: Croatia’s Scandal-Prone Ruling Party

Plenkovic has developed a strategy of silence on many of the scandals that have embroiled his own ministers and party colleagues, to good effect, Mamic said.

"If you look at his position, this is effective and efficient communication," she said. "He gives short answers, because obviously the outcome of all these cases could go in any direction."

Croatia's Agrokor Ex-Boss to Be Freed on €1 Million Bail

Zagreb County Court spokesperson Kresimir Devcic said on Tuesday that the court has decided that former Agrokor owner Ivica Todoric can be given a conditional release from pre-trial custody after the investigating judge received confirmation that one million euros in bail has been paid.