ELSTAT – Risk of poverty for almost 1 in 2 people living in Greece

The population at risk of poverty or social exclusion rose to 28.9% of the country's population (3,043,869 people) in 2020, showing a decrease compared to 2019 by 1.1 percentage points (3,161,936 people corresponding to 30, 0% of the population), according to the latest data of the Income and Living Conditions Survey of Households 2020 of the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

Around 4% of recipients will have to repay Covid-related state aid

Ljubljana – During the Covid-19 epidemic, companies received various forms of state aid. Some were not so badly affected and will now have to repay the received subsidies. According to an estimate by the Slovenian Financial Administration (FURS), this amounts to just under EUR 90 million, just over 4% of the total amount paid out.

MPs pass stimulus package for tourism

Ljubljana – The National Assembly passed on Wednesday an emergency bill worth EUR 243.5 million to help the embattled tourism sector. The short-time work scheme has been extended and new holiday vouchers introduced. The opposition warned that the measures, which are this time aimed at the most affected sectors, came too late and were insufficient.

Aid confirmed for farmers stricken by spring frost

Ljubljana – The National Assembly unanimously endorsed on Wednesday a law on measures to help farmers affected by the spring frost. It provides the basis for a final damage assessment and for emergency measures. The majority of deputy groups were in favour of making the aid available as soon as possible.

More than 1,500 Companies Are Seeking Compensation for Closing of Their Business in April

More than 1,500 Bulgarian companies have applied to the National Revenue Agency (NRA) for compensation between March 22 and April 30, when their activities were banned due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the third phase of the working capital support program, and June 22 is the last day on which the affected companies can apply to the NRA.

BNS requests Government to return upon decision of delaying increase of children's allowance

The National Union Block (BNS) is requesting the Government to return upon the decision of delaying the growth of children's' allowance, foreseen to take place on July 1, 2021 and to show availability for consulting social partners regarding the identification of a package of measures to combating poverty among children.

Delo hails new aid for tourism, but says it must come on time

Ljubljana, 29 May – The newspaper Delo welcomes the Economy Ministry’s proposal to distribute a new set of vouchers to citizens to boost tourism while extending their validity to hospitality, culture, sports and recreational services, but also says that aid needs to come quick.

Finance proposes changing rules on returning state aid

Ljubljana – The newspaper Finance argues in Tuesday’s commentary against the rules under which more than 10% of small businesses will have to return the state aid they received last year because they did not just sit around and wait for aid but actually found ways to keep their business afloat.

Opposition critical of resilience plan, businesses expected more grants

Ljubljana – The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) has welcomed Slovenia’s recovery and resilience plan that the government adopted on Wednesday as a huge step forward from a previous version. Nevertheless, the chamber wants to see more grant funds. The opposition is meanwhile critical of the plan, saying it lacks environmental investments.