Air pollution

Air Pollution Costs the World $ 8 Billion a Day

Global cost of fossil-fueled air pollution is $ 8 billion a day, or roughly 3.3% of global economic output, according to BGNES.

The report from the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research (and the Greenpeace Branch in Southeast Asia) is the first to evaluate global air pollution costs, specifically by burning of oil, gas and coal.

Sofia's Air is Dangerous Again

The air in Sofia was dangerously polluted last night, according to official data from the municipality, BNR reported. Exceedance of the reference limits for the content of fine particulate matter in the air has been reported by all stations except the one in the Kopitoto mountain area and the non-working one in the Nadezhda neighborhood.

Bangkok Stopped Construction Activities for 3 Days because of the Poor Air Quality

Construction activities at major infrastructure sites in Bangkok have been halted due to air pollution, according to the Nation newspaper.

Construction of skyscrapers, new road junctions and new subway lines has been halted for 72 hours, the release said.

"In future, the citizens of Serbia will breathe the same air as other Europeans"

The director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Filip Radovic, told RTS that the change of meteorological conditions eliminated the thermal inversion which, during the day at high temperatures and clear nights, kept the concentration of pollutants at a high level.

Pollutant-related deaths almost twice the EU average

The number of early deaths caused by air pollution in Greece is nearly double the European Union average, according to research.

Data from the European Environment Agency show that there were 16,440 early deaths in Greece in 2016 due to exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3). 

BIRN Fact-check: The Air We Breathe

When is unhealthy air acceptable air? In the Balkans, it depends who you believe: mobile apps or state data.

The quality of air in the region has become a hot topic since the capitals of Bosnia and Serbia, Sarajevo and Belgrade, made the top 10 in the list of most polluted cities on the planet.