Air pollution

Bulgarian Environment Ministry Expects Suggestions on Air Quality Programme by December 5

The Ministry of Environment and Water accepts suggestions on the national air quality programme until December 5, then it will be adopted as a government document, Minister Neno Dimov told a public discussion on the draft, a Focus News Agency reporter said.

Macedonia is the Country with the Most Polluted Air in Europe

FYR Macedonia has been ranked Europe's most polluted country with pollution spiking ten times over recommended levels. That's according to the European Environment Agency. Heavy traffic and the use of heating stoves are causing an increase in dangerous air and sending more and more people to the doctors.

Bulgarian National Assembly Adopted at First Reading Amendments to the Clean Air Act

MPs have raised demands on the quality of solid fuels used for domestic heating - mainly coal and briquettes. This is voted by the National Assembly with the amendments to the Clean Air Act at first reading.

There will be control over their  storage and distribution. The sanction regime for the mayors of municipalities is also expanding.

European Commission urges Bulgaria to take Swift Measures to Improve Air Quality

The European Commission has warned Bulgaria that it has failed to comply with the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU on air quality, reported the Bulgarian National Radio. 

A year and a half ago the Court ruled that the country is not complying with the limit values for concentration of particulate matter in the atmosphere.

For 1 Year, Air Pollution Has Led to the Premature Death of Over 14,000 Bulgarians

Air pollution with fine particles has led in 2015 to the premature death of 14,200 people in Bulgaria. This was shown by a study of the European Environment Agency covering 41 European countries. It is an updated version of the report covering the period 2000-2016.