Air traffic control

Bulgaria is Among the Four Leading Countries in Europe in the Management of Ship Traffic

Bulgaria is among the four leading countries in Europe in the management of ship traffic, Transport Minister Rosen Zhelyazkov said at the opening of an international conference on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of ship traffic management and information services in Bulgaria .

Bulgarian Flight Delays Trigger A Government Investigation

Last week we reported that the Greek government is enacting emergency measures to end flight delays in the country. But Greece is not the only state battling with this issue. More and more European countries seem to believe that government intervention is required as a solution to frequent flight delays. Bulgaria now joins the list.

Hungary to Keep Control Over Skies Over Kosovo

The upper air space over Kosovo - skies above 10,000 feet - will remain under the control of a Hungarian state company for "an indefinite period" after the current five-year agreement signed in 2014 "for the provision of air navigation services and other relevant activities in the designated airspace over Kosovo" expires on April 3.

Airports unprepared for massive growth in air traffic

Pressured by the explosive growth of passenger numbers generated by Greece's expanding tourism market, officials are calling for additional air traffic controllers to ensure safe travel.

In 2014, the Greece's Civil Aviation Authority (YPA) was asked to hire an additional 70 air traffic controllers.