Romania to Buy F-35 Fighter Jets from the US

Romania will purchase F-35 Lightning II fighter jets from the US, the Supreme National Defense Council decided at its meeting today, BTA reported.

Members of Romania's Supreme Council of National Defense approved the so-called "Concept for achieving operational air defense capability with fifth-generation multi-role aircraft", announced the administration of President Klaus Iohannis.

Bulgaria received one MiG-29 Engine from Poland

Bulgaria received today from Poland the first aircraft engine for the MiG-29 fighters. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense on its Twitter account.

Today ???????? received the first aircraft engine for the MiG-29. ????????, thank you for your #allied #solidarity! #StrongerTogether @PremierRP_en @MorawieckiM @Poland_MOD @mblaszczak

North Macedonia Green-lights Helicopter Donation to Ukraine

North Macedonia's government "has decided to donate helicopters to Ukraine" and has accepted a draft text intended for this purpose, the government in Skopje said in a press release.

The government did not specify how many gunships will be donated, but earlier this week, Defence Minister Slavjanka Petrovska said it might hand over its entire fleet of 12 helicopters.

Greece marks Independence Day with student, military parades

The annual student parade commemorating the start of Greece's independence struggle from Ottoman rule took place in the center of Athens on Friday. Similar celebrations were held across the country. The armed forces will hold a parade on Saturday around Syntagma Square. It will be almost impossible to drive into the city center from 6 a.m.

New drama over the Black Sea: Su-27 crashed on Bayraktar VIDEO

The video was released five days after two Su-27s shot down a US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper in the waters of the Black Sea.
Turkish media claim that this incident also happened over the waters of the Black Sea. published a video claiming that the drone was Ukrainian, and that it was "believed to be a Su-27 fighter" that tried to shoot it down.