So far, the Tests of all Bulgarians Evacuated today from South Africa are Negative

Omicron: 10 Bulgarian Citizens took off from an Airport in South Africa

So far, the tests for coronavirus of all passengers, who were evacuated today with a flight of the Romanian airline TAROM from South Africa, are negative, the head of the Emergency Situations Department Raed Arafat was quoted as saying by AFP.

Adria Tehnika extends cooperation with Easyjet

Ljubljana – Slovenian aircraft maintenance company Adria Tehnika announced on Monday that it has signed a new five-year cooperation agreement with Easyjet. The contract covers aircraft maintenance at Ljubljana Airport, airframe and component maintenance, line maintenance, on-demand support and other tasks for aircraft technicians.

Tourism Minister expresses optimism for 2022 in FT interview

The Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, expresses reasonable optimism for the next tourist season in an interview with the Financial Times.

"Having met most airlines and tourism providers in the UK, we can only be very optimistic about 2022," he said. He pointed out that "in 2022 Greece expects 35% more visitors from the United Kingdom compared to 2021".

Turkish Airlines’ net profits hit $735 million in three quarters of 2021

Turkish Airlines has reported a net profit of $735 million in the first nine months of 2021, İlker Aycı, the flag carrier's chairman of the board, has announced.

"We managed to post profit at a time when other airlines, such Lufthansa, Air France-KLM and United Airlines recorded siginifcant losses.