World’s biggest planes meet at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport has witnessed a historical moment while hosting the world's two biggest planes, an airliner and a cargo plane, at the same time on Oct. 5.
"World's biggest cargo plane named 'Mriya' and world's biggest airliner, an Airbus A380 type jumbo jet, could be screened at the same photo-shoot in a rare event," airport officials said.

Media: Emergency landing of a plane in Belgrade due to a malfunction and fuel leak

According to the media, the plane that was flying from Santorini to Brussels landed at the "Nikola Tesla" airport due to a malfunction and fuel leak.
As can be seen on the Flight-radar website, the problem on the plane appeared while flying over Tuzla, so it immediately made a turn and headed towards the nearest airport, which was Belgrade.

Elderly Turkish man’s undying passion for model planes

Hasan Hüseyin Çırak, who lives in the Central Anatolian province of Konya, has turned a room in his house into a workshop for his passion for model aircraft.

Çırak ,73, learned everything about electronics and mechanics with books, magazines and articles, making the model aircraft with the engineering knowledge he acquired through them.

Part of the Wing of a Passenger Plane in New York Fell Off

A Chinese passenger plane forcibly returned to Kennedy Airport in New York after part of its wing broke off, NOVA TV reported.

China Eastern's Boeing 777-300 machine transported 300 people from New York to Shanghai. When taking-off, part of the wing of the plane broke off and fell to the ground.

SOVA to enter serial production, price - EUR 300,000 PHOTO

The aircraft was independently manufactured by Utva Aviation Industry located in Pancevo after three decades of inactivity.

The flight lasted one hour. The main designer and development director of the company, Aleksandar Petrovic, told the press that over the next 10 months the entire certification process would be completed to start series production.

A Small Plane Crashed between Plovdiv and Pazardzhik

An agricultural plane fell into a paddy field between Plovdiv and Pazardzhik, the Transport Ministry confirmed for Darik. The latest information is that only the pilot was on the plane and he was not seriously injured.
The incident happened at about 107 km on the Trakia highway, said Tsvyatko Deshev, the spokesman for the Fire Department in Plovdiv.

The Japanese Government Supported a Project for the Creation of Flying Cars

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry on Monday launched studies to put flying cars into practical use.

The ministry intends to promote technological development and work out legislation through public-private cooperation for such futuristic vehicles, ministry officials said.