Albanian nationalism

With EU incapacitated and US discredited, idea on unification with Albania disturbing

The facts that the EU is incapacitated by the drama surrounding Brexit, and that the discredited US administration no longer acts as an anchor of stability in the Balkans, make the victory of Albanian nationalists in Pristina even more explosive and meaningful, Lendvai said.

Kosovo Politicians Voice Sympathy After ‘War Crimes Suspect’ PM Resigns

The shock resignation of Ramush Haradinaj drew sympathetic comments from senior Kosovo officials and politicians on Friday after the prime minister was summoned for questioning by the Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor's Office in The Hague, which is investigating crimes committed during and just after the Kosovo war, from 1998 to 2000.

Tirana Govt Funds Ethnic Albanian Council in Montenegro

Faik Nika, the president of the Albanian National Council, said on Friday that the Albanian government will give financial support for the first time to assist the running of his organisation and its office in the municipality of Plav.

Nika told Montenegrin media the Albanian government has recently made three very important decisions for the Albanian community in Montenegro.

Serbian Nationalists Target BIRN Staffer for Defending Baker

Serbian right-wingers have begun a concerted campaign against BIRN project coordinator Sofija Todorovic since she defended the rights of an ethnic Albanian baker in her hometown of Borca - himself the subject of nationalist attacks - sharing hate speech, insults and threats to her on social media and attempting to hack her account on Twitter.

Serbian Nationalists Target Albanian Baker Over Cousin’s Gesture

Whatever the reason, on April 27, nationalists gathered in front of the bakery, shouted nationalistic slogans, played Serbian patriotic songs and put stickers reading "Kosovo is Serbia" on the windows.

Groups of them twice stormed into the bakery but were escorted out by police, who secured the premises.