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At Least 11 People Died, More than 300 Were Rushed to Hospitals after Drinking Home-Made Coconut Wine on a Christmas Party

Authorities regularly issue warnings that the drinking should be avoided.

At least 11 people have died and more than 300 were rushed to hospitals after drinking home-made coconut wine on Christmas celebrations in the Philippines.

Group calls for complete ban on drink driving

The national association of driving instructors has asked authorities to abolish limits for drink driving, claiming that driving under the influence of any amount of alcohol is dangerous.
According to Greece's highway code, it's illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of more than 0.5 milligrams per liter or a breath alcohol content of more than 0.25mg/l.

Bulgarian Consumer Watchdog Warns About Tainted Alcohol at Seaside Resorts

Sofia. Tainted alcohol and attempts to mislead consumer about the nature of the drink are the main violations that the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP) has found during its inspections in restaurants, all-inclusive hotels and retail outlets, CCP Chairman Dimitar Margaritov told bTV, CCP press office said.

Zakynthos: Police seize 300 liters of liquor

Authorities on the island of Zakynthos have confiscated 300 litres of liquor, which they say posed a public health threat.

The alcohol was destined for restaurants and bars across the island. Local media said the spirits were bottled in 60 5-litre plastic containers, which were labelled as "vodka," gin," "rum" and other drinks.

Tone and Half of illegal Alcohol was Discovered near Varna

1467 liters of illegal ethyl alcohol have been found by employees from a customs mobile group in a garage in the town of Aksakovo, Varna district. The inspection is in the framework of the strengthened control of the Customs Agency against the unauthorized production and trade in excise goods in the Black Sea area, BTV explained.