Aleksandar Vučić

Week in Review: The Infinite Balkan Jigsaw


The last few months have seen the ruling SNS in Serbia buffeted by several corruption scandals and other affairs. Perhaps the most benign of these has been that the Finance Minister, Sinisa Mali, has been found to have plagiarised his doctoral thesis, yet remained in his post. Intellectual theft does not, it seem, make one unfit to guard the country's finances.

Vucic: I ask Russian friends - Why?

He said he was certain that President Vladimir Putin had not been informed of this action, and that Serbia has friendly relations with the Russian Federation.
He reiterated that Serbia does not forget what Putin did for Serbia in international organizations, nor his support in equipping Serbian military.

Serbia Documented Russian Espionage Effort, President says

A Russian diplomat filmed apparently giving money to a Serbian official had a number of "conspiratorial meetings" with Serbian army officials at which cash changed hands, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday, adding that he had asked Russia's envoy to Belgrade one question: "Why?"