Alexander Lukashenko

Putin Rejects Peace at Meeting with Orban: Only His Terms for Ukraine!

Vladimir Putin conveyed to Viktor Orban that he would not accept any terms for peace in Ukraine other than his own. After three hours of talks in the Kremlin, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban highlighted the significant gap between Ukraine's and Russia's visions for ending the war.

Kharkiv Crisis: Ukrainian Defense Failures Amid Russian Advances

Recent days have witnessed significant advances by the Russian army along the border in Ukraine's Kharkiv region, with approximately 100 kilometers of Ukrainian territory reportedly seized. Ukrainian defense representatives expressed frustration over the lack of a first line of defense in Kharkiv, allowing Russian forces to enter unimpeded.

Losses Mount: Fatalities in Belgorod, Kharkiv Villages Captured

At least 15 fatalities and 20 injuries were reported after a residential building in Russia's Belgorod collapsed, with the cause still being unclear. Some reports suggest the incident occurred following Ukraine's firing and Russia's subsequent interception of a Soviet-era missile in the border region between the two countries.

Russian Foreign Ministry Warns France: Sending Troops to Ukraine Risks Becoming Targets

Amid escalating tensions between Russia and the West, in the context of the war in Ukraine, Moscow issued a stern warning to France, cautioning that any deployment of French troops to Ukraine would make them legitimate targets for the Russian military.

Russia to Conduct Military Exercises with Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Reports from AFP and Reuters have revealed that Russia is set to conduct military exercises in the near future, involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The maneuvers, ordered by President Vladimir Putin, aim to test the readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces and will include preparation and deployment drills.