Alexander Lukashenko

Hungary Embarrassed as It Admits Issuing EU Visa to Deported Belarus Football Chief

"Vladimir Bazanov and his wife were granted a Schengen visa at the request of UEFA. The visa was issued by the territorially responsible Hungarian consulate on May 21, 2021 on behalf of Switzerland, acting within the framework of the visa representation agreement," the Foreign Ministry wrote in a statement to BIRN.

Lukashenko: "I talk to Putin about Serbia almost every time"

"I have to tell you that I talk about the Balkans at almost every meeting with President Putin. And who do we have in the Balkans? That's right, we have Serbia. It has always been a stronghold of Slavs in the Balkans. It still is", Lukashenko said during a meeting with the president of the friendship group with Belarus of the Serbian Parliament, Dragomir Karic.

Lukashenko: Referendum in February - "if war doesn't break out"

"I drafted the Constitution. Lawyers put it down in writing, and I dictated it, because I saw, as a president, what powers I need to maintain the country. Now we will publish it, in about a month."
A referendum on a new constitution could be held around February 20, 2022, "unless war breaks out," the Belarusian leader added.

Poland says Belarus has changed tactics on migrant crisis

Poland said on Nov. 20 that Belarus has changed tactics in their border crisis by directing smaller groups of migrants to several points along the European Union's eastern frontier.

Though there have been signs of the crisis easing, Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said he expected the border showdown to be long drawn out while Belarus said the situation remained "tense".

“The EU Must Close its Borders to Migrants”, said the Slovenian Interior Minister

The European Union must seal its external borders to deter migrants who are no longer welcome in the affluent 27-nation bloc, Slovenian Interior Minister Ales Hoys, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, said today, Reuters reported.