Tsunis: Key role of the FSRU at Alexandroupoli

"The United States proudly supports Greece's leadership role in redrawing the energy map of Southeast Europe, diversifying energy sources with its Balkan neighbors and helping to break Russia's gas monopoly," US Ambassador to Greece George J. Tsunis said in a tweet, after visiting the northern city of Alexandroupoli with four fellow ambassadors from Balkan countries on Friday.

Alexandroupolis port gets 24 million euros of EU funding

Greece has secured 24 million euros ($26 million) in European Union funding to upgrade its northern Aegean Sea port of Alexandroupolis, privatisation agency HRADF said on Wednesday.

Alexandroupolis, which is close to Bulgaria and Turkey, has been used by U.S. military ships to unload munitions and move them to the eastern flank of the NATO Western alliance.

Loopholes in the Evros border fence

Six more irregular migrants were killed in a road accident near Alexandroupoli in northern Greece on the eve of Easter. In addition to the migrants, a local man was also killed because he happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The vehicle transporting the migrants at high speed in the opposite traffic lane collided with his vehicle and overturned.

Alexandroupoli-Burgas pipeline idea picking up steam again

A recently set up Greek-Bulgarian working group met in Athens last Friday to discuss reviving the Alexandroupoli-Burgas oil pipeline project.

The meeting was attended by Greek Environment and Energy Ministry Minister Kostas Skrekas and his Bulgarian counterpart Rossen Hristov, who agreed that the pipeline is of great geostrategic importance for both countries.

Ship with Military Equipment for Training NATO Forces in Bulgaria and Romania arrived from the US in Alexandroupolis

An American ship with military equipment intended for NATO forces stationed in Bulgaria and Romania has arrived at the port of Alexandroupolis, Greece, reported ANA-MPA, quoted by BTA. The cargo is intended for military training in the Black Sea in Southeast Europe.

Greece needs EU help to protect external borders, minister says

Protecting Greece's borders requires the support of the European Union, the country's Citizens' Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos told 27 foreign ambassadors during a visit in the northeastern town of Alexandroupoli, where he briefed them about the Akritas plan to protect the border with Turkey at Evros.