Ali Ahmeti

Macedonian Party Leaders Start Meeting to Resolve Crisis

The leaders of the four biggest political parties in Macedonia have started a meeting in a bid to start a dialogue aimed at defusing the political tensions, MIA news agency reported on Thursday.

US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily and the head of the EU Delegation in Skopje Aivo Orav are attending the meeting as observers.

Child injured in explosion near Albanian party HQ

Child injured in explosion near Albanian party HQ

TETOVO -- An explosive device activated near the local headquarters of the Albanian Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) in Mala Recica near Tetovo has injured a child.

The DUI, led by Ali Ahmeti, is together with the VMRO DPMNE in power in Macedonia on the state level.

40 Armed Men Storm Police Station in Macedonia, Take 4 Officers Hostage

Around forty armed men stormed a police department in the Macedonian village of Gosince near the border with Kosovo on Tuesday, taking four police officers hostages.

The attack occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, when the armed men, who spoke Albanian, stormed the building of the department and disarmed the four police officers, who were on duty.

Macedonia Claims Kosovo Albanians Attacked Border Post

Macedonian police on Tuesday said a group of 40 armed and masked gunmen wearing the markings of an Albanian paramilitary unit, the National Liberation Army, NLA, stormed a police outpost near Kosovo at 2.30 am Tuesday.

Police Spokesperson Ivo Kotevski told a press conference in Skopje that a "terrorist attack" had taken place.

Albanian group claims responsibility for attack on govt. HQ

Albanian group claims responsibility for attack on govt. HQ

A group calling itself the National Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for Saturday's explosion in front of the Macedonian government HQ in Skopje.

This has been reported by the Albanian language, Pristina-based daily Koha Ditore.

Brawl Reported at Macedonian Party Congress

Albanian-language media in Macedonia have reported an exchange of punches between two rival groups at Tuesday's congress of the DUI in the town of Struga, which apparently left one man in hospital with head injuries.

The party itself has stayed silent. Its spokesperson, Bujar Osmani, was not available for comment on Wednesday. The police said no incident was reported.