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EU’s new tech laws are working – small browsers gain market share

Independent browser companies in the European Union are seeing a spike in users in the first month after EU legislation forced Alphabet's Google, Microsoft and Apple to make it easier for users to switch to rivals, according to data provided to Reuters by six companies.

YouTuber remanded in custody for abusing disabled people

A 35-year-old YouTuber, accused of physically, mentally, and sexually abusing people with disabilities and minors, was remanded in custody, after appearing before prosecutor on Monday.

The man, who has has been live-streaming from his house videos with disabled people, was charged with repeated human trafficking and physical abuse against vulnerable people.

Major Tech Players Announce Huge Workforce Reductions: Ebay, Amazon and More!

Several major tech companies are reshaping their workforce dynamics at the beginning of 2024, with eBay becoming the latest to announce substantial layoffs. The decision to cut 1,000 jobs, despite the company's robust profits, adds to a growing list of tech giants implementing significant workforce reductions this January.

Google Maps Now Provides Information About Public Transport Timetables in Sofia

The Google Maps mobile application now provides real-time information on the timetable of public transport in Sofia, Vladislav Panev, the deputy from "Democratic Bulgaria - We Continue the Change", announced in his Facebook post. From a discussion below the post, it is clear that the functionality has been available for quite some time, but has not been reported.

Epic Games wins US court fight with Google

Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, won a major US court battle against Google on Monday when a jury decided that the search engine giant wields illegal monopoly power through its Android app store.

Epic sued Google and Apple in 2020, accusing the tech titans of abusing control of their respective shops selling apps and other digital content on mobile devices.