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Madonna’s bare skin Instagram posts (photos)

Madonna has never been one to hold her tongue when it comes to her opinion. The same can be said for her physical appearance, which, since she became a pop icon in the 1980s, has been the subject of countless media controversies. This continued on Saturday, May 6th, as the 58 year-old singer (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) posted a couple of revealing photos of herself on her Instagram account.

Bra-less celebrities: Totally Nipping Out (PHOTOS)

Ok, the bra can be annoying to wear all the time. (At least that is what we ‘ve heard of…)

But not wearing at all could lead to some embarrassing moments.

Unless, of course, you don’t mind creating a bit of a scandal every now and then…

It seems that quite a few celebrities don’t mind after all.

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1. Jennifer Aniston

Britney Spears does a headstand break and fans love it! (video)

Britney Spears showed off her impressive yoga skills on Instagram on Friday.
The 35-year-old pop star shared a video with her 15.2m followers of her engaging in some tricky moves.
The blonde beauty wore a pair of very minuscule white shorts and a bright pink sports bra as she flaunted her sculpted body.

Selena Gomez’s bare butt! (photo)

Selena Gomez is not known for upload provocative photos on her social media accounts. Which is why her followers went into a frenzy when the petite 24-year-old singer-actress, decided to share a behind the scenes photo of her photo-shoot showing off her bare ass! Now that’s something we don’t see her do often!

Video: Katy Perry naked for Hillary

Famous faces have all shown their support for the US presidential candidates in their first debate on Tuesday, but none so much as Katy Perry, who is prepared to bare all for Hillary Clinton. Katy has announced on Twitter that she would be using her body as “click bait” in a daring video to be released a day after the presidential debate.

Did Britney Spears photoshop her pic in tiny bikini? (photo+video)

Britney Spears, the US pop singer who has had her ups and downs in her career, has more than once attracted criticism in the showbiz world over her erratic weight loss or gain. A new photo shows Spears lying by a her home pool wearing a tiny bikini while soaking up the sun.