Amfilohije Radović

"Nobody in Montenegro sees that except Djukanovic"

He stated that the people won the elections, and that the clergy contributed to that victory to some extent. "It is clear to every normal person why we do not do that. If we would not allow the government to determine when we will be ordained to the rank of priest, then we should not interfere in government personnel decisions," Bishop Joanikije told today's Politika.

Happy New Year 2021!

2020, therefore, has now officially passed and it is easy to guess what it will be remembered for.
Yes, the coronavirus pandemic changed our lives radically and probably disrupted all the plans we had.

Milo Djukanovic: "I have no communication with Vučić"; "Amfilohije did not beat me"

In that interview, Milo Djukanovi said that he had no communication with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, or a business relationship. On Vui's visit to Montenegro during the funeral of Metropolitan Amfilohije, he says he sees it as private.
"When I go on a private visit to Belgrade, I do not call any of my colleagues in the state government in Serbia," he said.

Abazovic dismissed police director; Media: Arrests in front of the Temple continued

Podgorica-based Vijesti was unofficially told that they were members of the non-governmental organization Orthodox Brotherhood - Pillars.
A member of that Brotherhood told the Podgorica daily that first inspectors in civilian clothes came in front of the temple, followed by uniformed members of the Police Administration.

In Montenegro, Death of Outspoken Bishop has Political Ramifications

It also presents the Church's Belgrade leadership with an opportunity to elect a successor more in sync with Serbian state policy under President Aleksandar Vucic, analysts say.

Metropolitan Amfilohije Radovic died on October 30 of complications from COVID-19. He was 82 years old.

Serbs Should Mourn Quiet Patriarch Who Avoided Conflict

Serbs no longer go in for eerie "penetrating wails" as much as they did, but, as with Firmilian's death over a century ago, Patriarch Irinej's death last Friday is an event of much more than religious significance - which explains the three days of state mourning and telegrams from the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Djukanovic was ready to put off the law; "Unfortunately, Amfilohije's call followed"

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic announced this morning that he and Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic recently proposed to the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Amfilohije to suspend the application of the Law on Freedom of Religion until the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights rule their decision, but that the