Homemade firebombs used in attack on Thessaloniki church

Unidentified vandals used homemade gas canister bombs to target a church in Thessaloniki in the early hours of Monday, causing minor damage and no injuries.

The explosion caused by the homemade bombs damaged the external walls of the church, located in the Saranta Ekklisies (40 Churches) neighborhood of the northern city, police said.

Army mine clearance squad clears land of munitions

The Hellenic Army's Land Mine Clearance Squad (TENX) recovered a total of 106 missiles, 42 hand grenades and 13 land mines dating to various conflicts from different parts of the country as part of a clearance operation last month, defense officials said on Wednesday.

The munitions were all destroyed in controlled procedures by TENX experts.

Two Explosive Devices were Found in an Apartment in London

British police have launched a terror investigation after two homemade bombs were found hidden in a North London flat, reported the Sun. 

The lethal devices were found dumped in the empty flat in Harlesden just after 9.30am on Wednesday.

The block in Craven Park was evacuated before a crack Met bomb squad swooped in to disable the explosives.