She said 'yes' under the deep blue sea

A Turkish couple took their first step to marriage under the deep blue sea.

Halil Yılmaz proposed to his longtime girlfriend Müge Hasanbaş on a scuba diving trip in Istanbul.

With the help of Cem Karabay, an underwater sports instructor and a Guinness record holder, he placed eight amphoras and a chest with love notes under the sea.

Three ancient shipwrecks discovered off Aegean island of Kasos

Greece's Culture Ministry says three shipwrecks from ancient and medieval times and large sections of their cargoes have been discovered off the small Aegean island of Kasos.

A statement Monday said an underwater survey that ended last month also located cannons and other scattered finds — possibly from other foundered vessels that have not yet been pinpointed.

Antikythera wreck yields new batch of artifacts

Marine archaeologists pull up a net full of ancient ceramic artifacts during a diving expedition at a shipwreck off the island of Antikythera this month. The latest haul of five sandbags, which had been left on the seabed during a previous expedition, included bones, olive kernels, copper nails and a bronze ring. The team also pulled up a basket full of amphora pieces.