In COVID-19 darkness, gift of a 'Moment of Light' to museum

If not for the pandemic, Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum would have missed out on a classic Dutch 16th-century painting it so badly craved.

Instead, the work now graces a central hall of one of the world's most famous cultural institutions -- all because of a wealthy dealer in old masters elected to pay a very unusual tribute to COVID-19 victims.

The Dutch Government Has Decided to Stop Describing Itself as Holland

Authorities believe the country's image needs to be renewed, as the Netherlands associates tourists mainly with drugs and Amsterdam's "Red Light District".

The rebranding process has started and the promotion of the Netherlands name will be enforced at upcoming international events and will be recognized by the national football team.

The Most Visited Museums in the World

The flow of tourists to the most visited museums in Europe has grown by 6.1% in 2018, with the number of passages through the halls of the most sought-after museum have increased to its highest extent.

This is reflected in the annual review of the world's attractions and museums of the US-based International Theme Parks Association.

Two Injured in Amsterdam Station Stabbing, Attacker Shot

AFP - Two people were injured during a stabbing incident at Amsterdam's busy Central Station on Friday morning before the alleged attacker was shot and wounded, Dutch police said.

"A suspect has been shot after a stabbing incident at Amsterdam Central Station," Dutch police said on Twitter, indicating that the station had been evacuated and closed off to all rail traffic.