Ancient history

Ancient Greek Science & Technology | Athens | To July 31

The Association for the Research of Ancient-Greek and Byzantine Technology and the Museum Herakleidon present "Eureka: Science, Art and Technology of the Ancient Greeks," which includes the Automaton and the Antikythera Mechanism, two great inventions of that era. The exhibition takes places in both of the museum's buildings, which are walking distance from one another.

Golds belonging Hittite, Urartu era seized in Turkey

Turkish security forces confiscated three kilograms (about 6.61 pounds) of two gold bars on Feb. 14 that dates to the ancient Hittite-Urartu civilizations, in eastern Van province.

Gendarmerie forces searched an intercity bus in the Erciş district as part of historical artifact smuggling operations.

The gold was seized in a passenger's bag on the bus.

Museum sheds light on Thracian civilization

Artifacts unearthed during excavations in ancient cities in the northwestern province of Tekirdağ and exhibited in the Tekirdağ Museum shed light on the Thracian civilization.

The Thracian people, who lived in Thrace, Bulgaria and northern Greece in the ancient ages, were known as the world's most populous tribe after Hindus, according to Greek historian and ancient writer Heredot.

On visit of President Xi, officials sign 16 bilateral deals, aim to boost Piraeus presence

Welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping to Athens ahead of the signing of 16 bilateral deals Monday, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis described the two countries' cooperation as a road that "will soon become a highway." 

Justinian Fortresses | Thessaloniki | To September 30

"From Macedonian to Thessalian Tempi" at the Museum of Byzantine Culture showcases five fortification sites - Rentina, the fortification wall of Cassandreia and the castles of Pydna, Platamon and Velika - from Macedonia and Thessaly which were founded, constructed or renovated during the reign of Justinian I (527-565).