Ancient peoples of Anatolia

Ancient 'Sun Goddess of Arinna' displayed in İzmir

A 3,500-year-old statuette of Sun Goddess of Arinna, which is of great importance for the Hittites, called "People of a Thousand Gods", is displayed at İzmir Archeology Museum. 

The statuette is on display within the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry's project after it was rescued by smugglers by İzmir police in 2015.


Massive Ancient Underground City Once Housed 20,000 People

Many of us have fantasized about having a door in our home that leads us to a hidden world, but can you imagine a buried city laying just behind the walls of your house? In 1963, a Turkish man knocked down a wall in his basement, only to discover the ancient 18-story underground city of Derinkuyu, reports My Modern Met.