Andrea Syngrou Avenue

Flooding in Athens as Storm Daniel reaches capital

Flooding has been reported on a number of streets in Athens as Storm Daniel, which has caused havoc in many parts of the country for the past three days, reached the capital.

The rainfall began in the morning but by 4 p.m., the situation had deteriorated in many areas, with heavy downpours and intense lightening in the capital and Piraeus.

Two briefly detained for putting up illegal flyposters

Police briefly detained two people for putting up flyposters advertising a speech of main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras on a main avenue in Athens without a legal permit.

The two individuals, identified as foreign nationals, were placing the posters on street lamps near the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center on Syngrou Avenue, police said.

Roadworks cause huge traffic jam on Athens' Syngrou Avenue

Cars and buses were backed up for several kilometers on the northbound section of Syngrou Avenue, linking the Athens city center to the capital's southern coast, as a result of roadworks on Tuesday.

According to an announcement by the Attica Regional Authority, work to repave parts of the thoroughfare will continue for about two weeks, during which motorists should expect delays.

Retromania | Athens | July 16

The Greek National Opera's Alternative State has put together an all-day festival at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, on Sunday, July 16, called "Retromania." The event comprises 10 events, each exploring a separate interpretation of the notion of retro: From performances of music by Attik and Mimis Plessas to the narratives of the incredible Stella Greka and Greek swing by Penn

EMST opens temporary display halls to public

A visitor walks inside the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) in Athens on Monday. The museum, in the location of the former FIX brewery on Syngrou Avenue, opened its temporary display halls to the public Monday following 12 years of construction marred by legal and financial issues. EMST was founded in 2000 and held temporary exhibitions at the Athens Conservatory up to 2015.

Sex in the city of Athens: The red-light districts have moved (video)

Hookers and transvestites would line up around Syngrou Avenue or at the backstreets of the National Theater at Omonoia.  They’d enter luxury cars and chide young rookies going on joy rides. Then, suddenly the pulsating streets around Panteio, began to empty. Shops shut down, and unemployment caused young men looking for paid thrills to diminish. Then there was all that bad press about HIV.