Novartis file takes aim at former health minister

A section of the case file on the alleged Novartis bribery scandal that prosecutors forwarded to Parliament to request that the immunity of former health minister Andreas Loverdos be lifted includes testimony by protected witnesses who claim that the politician was bribed to inform the company of an imminent haircut on Greek state bonds at the peak of the debt crisis.

Democratic Alignment brings Gerovasili’s case in the Parliament


Democratic Alignment’s MPs have brought the case of minister Olga Gerovasili in the Parliament with an official question they submitted today.


In their question they are asking for all the relevant documents and contracts that the minister have signed with the State and they ask the ministers of Health and Economics if these contracts will be canceled or not.

Vgenopoulos faces felony charges

Criminal charges were filed against Greek financier and former Laiki Bank strongman Andreas Vgenopoulos on Thursday by prosecutors in Greece, over the lending of up to €200 million from Laiki to the IRF European Finance Investments, an investment vehicle owned by Greek ship-owner Angeliki Frangou. The case relates to some 200 million Euros in loans to the IRF without collateral, prosecutors cla

The final email Germanwings co-pilot sent before slamming the plane into French Alps

A desperate final email from Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz has revealed his fear of going blind, before slamming the A320 jet into the French Alps on March 24th last year, killing all 149 people on board.

An email sent by Lubitz to his doctor two weeks before the crash has been published by German newspaper “Bild”.

Dimitra Liani: I am the only Papandreou who did not take advantage of Andreas

“Andreas died and left the party to unworthy successors” Dimitra Liani writes in her book “Orgi tou Andrea!” (“The Rage of Andreas!”) published by Livani publications clarifying, as she said to, that this is a political book reflecting the rage of Andreas and his clear policy.

New Germanwings black box data shows Lubitz may have tried to recover the airplane’s drop

The latest data recovered by the Germanwings flight’s black box sheds new light to what might have happened.


According to the Daily Mail, the French experts’ data publicized on Wednesday has evidence that Andreas Lubitz tried to recover manual control of the aircraft, shortly before the crash.