Bad weather knocks out power supply to Andros and Tinos

Andros and Tinos were left without power on Tuesday after the two lines supplying the Aegean islands were damaged as a result of bad weather in the area, supplier DEDDIE said.

According to an announcement, technical crews were working to restore supply to the two islands of nearly 18,000 inhabitants, with efforts focusing on getting a power station on Andros up and running.

Cycladic Colonies | Thessaloniki | To August 31, 2020

"From South to North: Cycladic Colonies in the Northern Aegean," on show at the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum, explores what drove the colonization of strategic locations across the northern Aegean in the first half of the 7th century BC, one of the most fascinating chapters of the Archaic period.

DiCaprio's pollution post ‘unfair,’ says Andros mayor

The mayor of the Aegean island of Andros has told Kathimerini that a disparaging post about waste on the island's seabed by Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio was "unfair."
"Unfortunately, the style of the post is unfair to us and gives the impression that the whole island is in this state," Theodosis Sousoudis said on Tuesday.

This way to safety

Waves lash the Tourlitis lighthouse off the Aegean island of Andros Thursday amid strong winds. Built in 1887, the lighthouse, which sits atop a spindly rock spire, is known as Greece's first automated lighthouse which could function without a keeper. Following its destruction during World War Two, it was rebuilt in 1994 with funding from the Goulandris family.