Angela Merkel

Merkel does Not Blame herself for the Current Situation in Ukraine

Angela Merkel said that while she was Chancellor of Germany she made serious efforts to prevent the situation in Ukraine from developing to its current state and said that she does not blame herself of not trying decisively enough to thwart what was happening, Reuters reported.

Merkel: I Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine and Support its Right to Self-Defense

In her first public speech in about half a year, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel described Russia's attack on Ukraine as a "deep turning point".

She said she did not want to make assessments as a former chancellor, but Russia's invasion of its neighboring country was a gross violation of international law in European history since the end of World War II.

"It's time for the former chancellor to explain certain things"

Angela Merkel's reputation has been damaged in Germany in recent weeks, writes the Telegraph. "After the invasion of Ukraine, former ministers who served in her tenure, in turn, renounce its foreign policy," the paper writes.
"I never thought in my life that we would enter into such a crisis with Russia," said Wolfgang Schuble, a former finance minister during Merkel's term.

Berlin fest cheers mum’s fight for son at Guantanamo

The true story of a mother's battle to bring her son back from Guantanamo Bay premiered to cheers in Berlin Saturday, as the German filmmakers called for reparations for the family.

"Rabiye Kurnaz vs George W. Bush" is one of 18 movies from around the world vying for the Berlinale film festival's Golden Bear top prize, to be awarded on Feb. 16.

Olaf Scholz was Elected as Chancellor of Germany

German lawmakers elected Social Democrat Olaf Scholz as the new chancellor today, ending 16 years of conservative rule under Angela Merkel. Scholz, 63, won a clear majority, backed by 395 lawmakers in the lower house.

In the Bundestag, Olaf Scholz and his 16 ministers will be sworn in today and will take office as the first three-party coalition to rule the country.