Angela Merkel

Merkel: It's problematic

According to Merkel, freedom of speech and opinion are the most important human rights.
"This right can be limited, but only in accordance with the law and within the framework defined by the legislators, and not by the decisions of the management of social networks", Merkel concluded.

Putin and Merkel Discuss Possible Joint Vaccine Production

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin has discussed possibilites for closer cooperation in the coronavirus pandemic situation. The two leaders are said to have discussed possible ways of jointly producing vaccines during a phone call.

The health ministries of thw two countries will continue the talks on the matter together with exeprts.

Who will succeed Angela Merkel?

There are five candidates in the race, points out Austrian daily "Standard".
The paper reminds that the CDU assembly had to be postponed twice because of the coronavirus, and it is now scheduled for January 16, when a new party leader should be elected, and the meeting with 1.001 delegates will be digital.

As EU dismisses Greek call for sanctions agaist Turkey, Merkel says Union will discuss it with US, Nato

EU leaders plan to discuss arm exports to Turkey with NATO allies and Washington, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today, after Greece's push at the December 10-11 EU summit for an arms embargo on Ankara was dismissed.