Angela Merkel

Candidate Ponta: Two 'suckers' in Europe have budget surpluses, me and Chancellor Merkel

Incumbent prime minister Victor Ponta, the presidential candidate of the Social Democrat Party, National Union for Romania's Progress and Conservative Party said there are two 'suckers' in Europe whose governments have budget surpluses: himself and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel says fall of Berlin Wall proves 'dreams can come true'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Nov. 9 praised the courageous citizens who peacefully brought down the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, calling the momentous day proof that "dreams can come true."

Merkel, who grew up in the communist East, was speaking at a memorial site to the 138 people killed in Berlin alone as they tried to flee the Soviet-allied state.

Merkel’s counter-strike

“What we have today is a story based on speculation about what [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel might have said about something [British Prime Minster] David Cameron might say in the future,” said David Davis, a prominent Conservative member of parliament, in London on Sunday. So no big deal, then?

Iohannis: Merkel will not come to Romania during electoral campaign, but after I become president

Liberal head Klaus Iohannis, running for president of Romania in this Sunday's polls, said on Tuesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not come to Romania for the electoral campaign, as having been circulated, but she will visit Bucharest after he becomes president.