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Is it only Germany that is spying on Turkey?

German Ambassador to Ankara Eberhard Pohl was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Aug. 18 following media reports claiming German secret services have been eavesdropping on Turkey for some time. The Turkish Foreign Ministry asked for an explanation from the ambassador and said in a public statement that it would be “grave” if even only part of the media reports were true.

Germany interested in "constructive relations" with Russia

Germany interested in "constructive relations" with Russia

BERLIN -- Germany is interested in building constructive relations with Russia, Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Luebecker Nachrichten newspaper on Friday.

“Germany is highly interested in sound and constructive relations with Russia,” Merkel said.

Mistral Warship for Russia 'Tied to Stance on Ukraine Crisis'

France could renounce the sale of a second Mistral-class amphibious warship if EU leaders adopt tougher sanctions against Russia.

President Francois Hollande also announced it depended on "Russia's attitude" to the conflict in Ukraine whether the deal would be carried out, Bloomberg reported.