Bulgaria’s Ex-Minister of Health and Secret Services Were Aware of Horrendous Transplant Frauds

Since October 2020, the Ministry of Health (headed then by Prof. Kostadin Angelov) has known that at least several transplants on people with forged documents have been performed at VIP Lozenets Hospital. But at the top level there was no response to what was happening, Capital  weekly writes.

North Macedonia Has Fulfilled All Conditions for Opening EU Accession Talks - President Zoran Milanovic

North Macedonia has fulfilled all the democratic conditions to open EU accession talks, but it is constantly being "kicked" around, said President Zoran Milanovic on Thursday after Sofia criticised his statements about Bulgaria's policy on that EU membership aspirant.

Health Authorities: Bulgaria May Reach Herd Immunity by End-August

Outgoing Health Minister Prof. Kostadin Angelov said at a briefing of the National Operational Headquarters that the morbidity rates in Bulgaria are lower than those in the neighboring countries and at the same time the restrictive measures in Bulgaria are more lenient than in a number of other countries.

Bulgaria Is About to Overcome Third Covid-19 Surge – Outgoing Health Minister

"Bulgaria is overcoming the third wave of Covid-19. We were able to achieve the goal we had set to ourselves. To date, there is not a single region designated in red on Bulgaria's morbidity map. We achieved it because the reason, intellect of the experts and discipline guided us all the time," announced at the regular briefing of the National Operational HQ, outgoing Minister of Health Prof.

Bulgaria: National Coronavirus Task Force Will Resume Work

Bulgaria: National Coronavirus Task Force Will Resume Work

The outgoing Prime Minister has ordered the Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov to resume the work of the National Operational Headquarters until a new government is formed. This became clear at an extraordinary briefing of GERB held on April 18.

Bulgarian Health Minister Insists Disbanding COVID-19 Task Force “Makes Sense”

Bulgarian Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov announced that decision to disband the Task Force is "logical".

The Task Force begun managing the situation with COVID-19 in Bulgaria at the end of February last year. Angelov expressed his opinion at a press briefing after the Council of Ministers issued a statement about the end of the Task Force.

Bulgarian Health Minister in Resignation: We Cope with Third Wave of Covid Infection

The order for the dissolution of the NOHQ is not from now, the decision was taken on February 26, stated Health Minister Kostadin Angelov. Let us not politicize this step, because healthcare system can't be a punching bag for political jugglers. It makes perfect sense to disband this Headquarters after the end of this government's term of office.

Bulgaria’s Health Minister: We Reached Morbidity Peak But Health System Will Cope

"In the last 14 days there has been a marked increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases, we are now at the highest point of the morbidity peak, the third in a row for the country. However, already there are one million people in Bulgaria - vaccinated or healed who have immunity, this gives us grounds to gradually ease the restrictive measures from today.