Animal slaughter

99 Illegal Pigs, Hidden by their Owners, Were Killed in Aheloy

Officials of the Regional Food Safety Directorate (RFSD) - Burgas have slaughtered 99 pigs, hidden by their owners, said the press office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Water. Following a tip-off about free-ranging pigs in the Panaya area between the towns of Aheloy and Kableshkovo, a spot-check was carried out.

State of Emergency Declared in Silistra Because of African Swine Fever

From July 31 to Monday, August 5, a state of emergency was declared in the Northern Bulgarian region of Silistra because of a confirmed case of African Swine Fever in a pig-breeding farm in the village of Popina. The Regional Food Safety Directorate will organize a 12-hour inspection at slaughterhouses in Dulovo, Tutrakan, and Sitovo in the area.

In Vidin There Was a Signal of an African Swine Fever in a Private Property

The Regional Food Safety Directorate in Vidin received a signal of a a pig with African swine fever in a private property. The necessary samples have been taken and the results are now expected.

The euthanasia of the pigs in two of the pigs complexes in Russe continues. Two thirds of the animals were killed in the village of Nikolovo, and in the village of Brushlen half.